What is ‘qualia’?

What's 'qualia'? Perhaps, that's what you ask yourself when you come here for the first time. Qualia is the way a person sees the world, a personal experience about someone or something, as opposed to quality. I want to share my qualia with you. It might let you see your own world from a new perspective. Or you might just have a good time. My name is Alex Gavrilenko, I am a writer, screenwriter and just a human being who wants to be creative. Feel free to find out more.

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Culture and Life

Mom, I’m in the news again! Happy to announce that another interview, now in written form, was published in ‘Culture and Life’ national newspaper earlier this week. There with Sergey […]

voice donbass

Live on radio!

Was honored to have a conversation with the wonderful host Sofi Rozumenko live on ‘Voice of Donbass’ radio. I answered some questions about Once Upon a Mine film, filmmaking in […]


“Svitlo” Film Festival

I’m pleased to share the news — Once Upon a Mine was selected for competition at “Svitlo” Film Festival and won a special prize, “Best Original Picture”. While our film […]

AGS on Amazon

AGS is out!

Great news! Acid Green Story is now out on Amazon! The Kindle edition will cost you $2.99 only, and it’s free for Prime members. The link to the book is […]


Now in English!

It’s about time! The site has been translated into English, and now all you have to do to switch languages is to click on the flag pic in the main […]

Cover Acid Green English

AGS releasing soon!

Those 52 pages took me more than two years to write but I still hope it was worth it though the fact certainly doesn’t make me a productive person. Anyway, […]