Acid Green Story. Prologue

Once upon a time there lived a man. Just an ordinary-looking man, and there was nothing extraordinary about him indeed. He lived a normal life, had a normal family and was just like others, nothing more. This man, however, had a secret. As he was one of those who lived in several worlds at the same time. No matter how strange it may sound but it is true. The first world was the real world the man lived in. That world included his actual birth, his family and friends, his work and his hometown. There wasn’t anything peculiar about that world. The other worlds were very different but each of them had a part of the man. Even more than that, he ruled those worlds. He was the creator and the only god. He invented those worlds and all of them were there – in his multidimensional mind.

When a new world appeared in the mind of the man, it was always exciting. As with every new world a new adventure came. Every new world was interesting, as when they emerged they were empty and ready to be built from the very beginning.

It usually happened unexpectedly. He might catch a new idea at work or at home, on his way to the local supermarket or even while reading a newspaper in the toilet. When the idea came, he would rush to his room, the room where ideas would turn into new worlds, lock himself in and wait for the transformation that would allow him to start creating.

Building a world is not as easy as one might think. And even more difficult is polishing and populating it. The world must be always alive with various creatures living in it. Only some of them deserve the attention of the creator himself, and usually only one of them is the hero – the one and only, the chosen one, able to change everything. The hero always gains a special power, granted by the creator. However, they are never to meet in person, as the creator doesn’t like direct interference into the affairs of the world.

A world of fantasy always has its beginning but never has its end. Even when the hero’s journey is over, there is always something after that, and one should never forget the fact. The creator might lose his interest forever and never come back to the world he created one day, but the inhabitants never cease to exist and go on living their fates.

The process of creation of a world is unique and private, so one should never interfere. Sometimes preserving privacy is hard, and the case of this man is just a good example. When you live in a big city, privacy is a rarity, as without it any work on a new world is considered impossible.

That is why the man who was just an ordinary man with a big secret was hurrying home. A new idea came to his mind when he was having lunch with his colleagues. He jumped up from his chair and left work without a note, he took a taxi and asked the pimply man in a strange hat to drive as fast as possible. When he came home, he was relieved, as nobody was there. He took off his coat and went to the room. He locked the door, took a chair and switched off the lights. He sat down at the table and closed his eyes. He started waiting. And soon it happened.

At first nothing seemed to be changing. It was dark and quiet, but then some noise could be heard. Then a strange dim light filled the room. Accompanied by loud sounds, bookshelves started to appear at the walls from nowhere, leaving an opening for a window which had never been there before and for a mysterious door.

When the man opened his eyes again, he smiled. The room had changed just as he wanted, and now it was almost ready. He stood up and looked around. Everything was in the right place. The bookshelves were full of his favourite books, the window was covered by a black thick curtain. The long table had lots of pieces of paper on it, all blank and yellowish, as well as multiple pens – brand-new and never used by anyone before. The ceiling twinkled with artificial stars, blue and red, and the floor was covered with old squeaky parquet. Finally, there was an antique typewriter on the table, the one the man always used to create his new worlds.

The man came to the window. He paused for breath and moved the curtain aside in a sharp move. What he saw there was space – black and enigmatic, full of stars and planets. The room now seemed to be a spaceship traveling across the universe, looking for its goal, with the man being a captain who could stir the wheel using his typing machine.

He was watching the stars for a long moment until he eventually saw what he was looking for. It was a big bright star, a one of unusual colour, something one might call just green, but the man knew it wasn’t just green.

He left the curtain as it was and sat at the table. After a puzzled glance at the mysterious door, he took a piece of paper and loaded it into the typewriter. He moved the mechanism to the left and it made the magic sound – ding! Now he was ready to start. Now a new world was about to emerge.

The man began to type, the machine obeyed him, and the text appeared on the paper:

“Acid Green Story”